Friday, January 25, 2013

An exercise in poetry

24 January 2013

Before Ethiopia became a place of my reality
I knew it only as a distant story
of ancient cultures, diversity and infamous misery.
People who not only appeared but
spoke, lived and learned unlike me.
Landscapes raped of naturalness,
plowed, cut and inhabited for too long.
History, culture and community
inconceivable to me.

As Ethiopia became part of my future
I knew it only as an unexplainable truth
of limitless opportunities, challenges and necessary discomfort.
People at first unfamiliar but
become my family, friends and mentors.
Landscapes to explore,
admire and preserve for posterity.
Stories will evolve as time dissolves; their contribution initially
inconceivable to me.

When Ethiopia was my place of residence
I knew it only as a constant battle
of values and virtues imbalanced, disappointment and eager isolation.
People who lived meagerly
gave time, laughter and love abundantly.
Landscapes ever changing,
contours of color, texture and exhaustion.
Questions and answers like pieces to a fragmented puzzle
inconceivable to me.

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